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Why MyFitBOX?

The FiTBoX was inspired and designed by 2 fitness enthusiasts and entrepreneurs. The FiTBoX is your start to your wellness journey, making it simple, effective and efficient. Our boxes have been designed to include our recommended home training equipment to get you to your next fitness level. The FitBoXes are only the first part of your journey as the equipment is complimented by our tailormade fitness programs which are accessed through our digital platforms. Order your My FiTBoX and lets get started. Our programs are designed and endorsed by registered Personal Trainers.

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Why MyFiTBoX?

Functional Fitness

These boxes have been designed for functional fitness. Helping you achieve mobility, stregnth, weight loss and lean muscle development. Functional fitness improves your body movement and adaptability for everyday tasks and activities. This type of training is safe for almost everyone.

Training Lifestyle

The MyFiTBoXes are complemented by the MyFiTBoX app and website which is a nutritional hub which provides information on nutrition, eating plans, supplement recommendations and much more.

The key benefit to the app is the monthly updates to training programs.

Train Anywhere

Our MyFiTBoXes are designed to give you the ability and freedom to train anywhere. Avoid any risk to COVID-19 exposure through training at home.


All you need is your MyFiTBoX accessories and your MyFiTBoX app and your good to go.